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Building a website is a huge (and unnecessarily overwhelming) process. Selecting the right web design platform is so important! After debating for a while and countless hours of research – I landed on Squarespace for our website. Squarespace allows me to provide clients with a custom and personalized website that is easy to manage once the initial build is completed. I am still (years later) finding new tools and design features that enhance the design and look. The Squarespace platform has so many different options to help you grow your business.


Because users search Google before making a purchase or service provider choice, it’s critical to have an updated and well-organized website. Your site will be your first impression on a potential customer and help them form a decision. Squarespace is constantly adding to their already extensive list of design templates. Each template is designed with the user/customer in mind and has a specific end goal. Whether your purpose is drive sales, brick-and-mortar visits, setting up an appointment or selling a product directly from your site… there is a template for that. Right off the bat you start with the perfect outline for your business. You can be reassured that your web design will be the best foundation for you and will drive results.


My favorite part is that once I have completed the build, my clients are handed the keys and after a quick tutorial they are able make changes on their own… and feel confident doing it! That way if a price adjustment needs to be made, a photo swapped or just routine updates and maintenance you do not have to wait on my schedule for edits to be made. My post-launch training will show you how to login your website, make changes from anywhere – no coding or confusing extra steps.



If you’ve ever visited a website on your phone, you know that the site needs to be incredible organized and easy to navigate. Google found that “more than 50 percent of search queries globally now come from mobile devices.” Odds are that more visitors will be visiting via their cellphone; a responsive website is a top priority. Every Squarespace website is 100% mobile friendly – your site will adapt to all screen sizes (phone and tablet, Apple and Android). Mobile responsive websites have a higher “time spent duration” according to Google Analytics.


We all have a hundred things that need to be accomplished every day – building a website will take time that you probably do not have! Let me save you time (and hassle). In fourteen days (yes, two weeks), you can have a beautiful, engaging, responsive, SEO formatted Squarespace website. Just like you know your business inside and out, I know Squarespace and my experience will help you avoid those late-night hours filled with stress and twelve cups of coffee.

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